When I started this blog I was on a mission to be skinny, now I am on a mission to be as fit and healthy as I can be! This journey is always changing:)

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Stay tuned…

Big change and revelations are abrewing on this skinny mission! stay tuned 🙂


Not backing down

It’s no secret or suprise that I’ve fallen off the wagon a hundred times before but this one is different. I was thinking earlier today that this current struggle seems to be the never ending and toughest one I’ve ever gone through. Then it occurred to me that it feels never ending because I am still fighting…For once Im not giving up. It’s been a reeeeeeal tough go since suprise ( not gonna lie) like Christmas!  But ,even though some days I feel like it, I am not giving up. So don’t give up on me because this time I am not giving up on myself.

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