When I started this blog I was on a mission to be skinny, now I am on a mission to be as fit and healthy as I can be! This journey is always changing:)

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Preparing for Success



^ This is what some of my week of food ,mainly lunches, looks like and I made it all in under 3 hours. My success in weight loss comes from being prepared and never having to “scrounge” for food. I have two young kids and next to no help with hubby working away and all my family living in another city. If I’m not prepared, I end up “starving” and eating food that is not what I should be eating, or worse, not eating at all and then hunting for snacks all night long. With a little planning meal prep isn’t all that hard to do 🙂  I diced up about 6 chicken breasts and cooked them all at the same time with a little EVOO and some basic seasoning while 3 more breasts were baking in the oven. While the diced chicken was cooking I was chopping veggies and feeding the children who were safely locked in the living room lol.  When the chicken was done I measured it out into piles for 2 half servings of the Mexican Rice and a double batch of chicken chilli! I then made the chilli and while it was simmering I was also cooking the rice and pasta! At the same time I was stirring the 3 pots on the stove I was adding the veggies for the Mexican Rice and the pasta dish into mixing bowls to be ready for the pasta/rice 🙂 It all came together quickly and nicely and honestly isn’t as chaotic as it sounds, honest! The key to quick prepping is to do multiple things at once and it may take a few attempts to get to a point where everything comes together but trust me when I say that it’s so worth it!

 Now today all I need to do is make the sauce for the Mexican Rice, add the forgotten broccoli to the pasta dish and chop veggies to go with the diced ham for breakfasts and I’m good to go! Plus there is now 3 more cooked chicken breasts weighed out and individually packaged in my freezer alongside a batch of chilli. 

  For those (less than!) 3 hours, I put me first by allowing myself to take the time out of my hectic life to set myself up for success and now I feel no pressure about the upcoming week and I know it will show on the scale but more importantly in my body mind and overall mood 🙂  Because let’s face it, our lives are crazy enough on their own, don’t let food get in the way

 Give yourself the opportunity to set your week up for success! 




I Will…


I’ve been trying to do a lot of reflecting last night and today over how I’ve been feeling about my weight loss since, well , February pretty much.  I need to have more faith in myself and “trust the journey”, trust that every single healthy decision I make for myself will propel my body and mind in the right direction.  SO this week, I shall take it day by day, and hour by hour…

I will fight through things when needed and do what I can to have as many successful decisions and therefore leading to many successful days.

I will set myself up for success and follow my meal plan and pre-make as many meals as the children will allow.

I will not hate myself or talk down to myself when things do not go as planned.

I will carry water with me at all times and try to get back to drinking 4L a day,  my body really does love me a whole lot more when it’s full of H2O.

I will stick to my plan of not weighing myself, because ultimately this journey is not about my weight (sounds crazy when you started out needed to lose 144lbs!) but it’s about giving my body the health it deserves so I can give myself and my family the best me that I can.

I will allow myself some freedom on Friday, as all my aunts and girl cousins are getting together for some drinks and fun. I will have drinks, since I rarely do so, but I will bring my own snacks and try my best to stay away from chips. I think that in the scheme of things, I need a night to let loose a little, and not be with kids or hubby because I honestly cannot tell you the last time I’ve been “alone”. And (after the hangover is gone) I think this will be rejuvenating 🙂

I will be as active as possible but will not dwell or harp on the fact that I did or didn’t work out that day. I will listen to my body when my bum ankle and sciatica is talking.

I will love myself each and everyday. My weight doesn’t define me, but my actions do,

I will do this, because I deserve it. 

Scattered Reality

My, what a whirlwind couple weeks it’s been! I’ve been becoming increasingly more frustrated with myself and my inability to have a solid week that I’m proud of. Hell, it seems that I’ve been averaging 4 good days out of a 7 day week, that’s not going to get me any smaller or any healthier and I’m realizing this and yet, still letting it happen! There are so many days lately that I catch Old Kyla creeping back in and telling New Kyla things like “why bother?”  “what are you doing this for anyway?” “giving up now will make it easier since you haven’t came that far anyway” and other things that are negative and horrible.

I’m having a really hard struggle getting into the mind set of not over doing the exercise because my entire life they have gone hand in hand for me. I always said that I “can’t” eat healthy and not work out, the mindset for me, they just so hand in hand! Not that I can’t exercise but he recommended that I not do any hardcore activities and do  things like walking, which would increase my endurance. He does’t want me to push my body to it’s limits because then it pushes back and stalls all weight loss. BUT pushing myself to my limits is what I’m used to! and I’m having a hard time making it all work together in my head.  Last week I was walking 5.5Km multiple times a week with the kids and I enjoy it and it burns some crazy calories, something I wasn’t expecting, but this week life has thrown me a curve ball (or 10).  Hubby left Thursday and that night all hell broke lose in this house! Both kids are crazy sick with strep throat, viral infections, UTI’s ugh you name it! and Since G wouldn’t let me put him in his bed, I spent all weekend sleeping in the rocking chair with him and now my sciatica is so bad I am in extreme pain.  Also sick kids equals a Mom who doesn’t know when she ate last and what she did eat in passing was crackers and PB, KD, and other horrible things, oh and sine I haven’t eaten or slept in days I now have a head cold (come ON!!)

Another thing that I was  having a hard time dealing with is that fact that when I weigh in, I’m only told if I’m up or down, not how much I weigh! At first this was insane to me, ludicrous even! I needed to know my weight! I gained weight back since February and I needed to know when I got back to the number so I could feel like I was making progress again. It drove me bonkers! Then I thought about how much I hate myself for letting myself gain that weight back , and every day I got on and was still far from that previous number, I would trash talk myself. Slowly I began to realize that I needed to let it go, I needed to forgive myself for that backward slip and start climbing upwards again…without the focus on the number.  It’s not been easy but I stuffed my scale in the linen closet and have not gotten on since Thursday…Yup, I think of it often, but have yet to hop on. (which is a good thing after this week!)

I know I need to focus on the food, (phase two , food as fuel!! remember Kyla!?) as without the food under control nothing will ever change. Exercise is a bonus, but it alone can not solve my issues. I just need to keep telling myself to focus on the health and eating right, not the exercise and the numbers… These past 3 weeks have just been just so tough emotionally, and physically.

I apologize for the scatter brained postings, there’s a lot going on in there!



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