When I started this blog I was on a mission to be skinny, now I am on a mission to be as fit and healthy as I can be! This journey is always changing:)

Birthday Money!

So yesterday was my 30th birthday! It was bitter sweet, not because I was the “big” 3-0 but because I was still plain ol “big”.  When I started this journey I had high hopes of having a kick ass 30th birthday party and showing off my much lighter self, very Extreme Weightloss-esq. And here I sit, only 30-40 lbs lighter than I was when I was having all these amazing ideas . At the time I didn’t realize the intense emotional journey this would become, and even though I’m not at the “finish line” I had hoped I would be, I realize now that I’m better for it. I’m more committed then ever, I’m more knowledgeable and passionate about health and wellness than I ever thought possible.  I know what I need to do, now I need to start doing it.     Oh, and those left over cupcakes? yeah, I threw those out 🙂

I love sweets, and I love salt, who am I kidding, I love just about anything that I probably shouldn’t eat! So on the way home from work today (knowing there were 2 leftover birthday cupcakes in my cupboard) I stopped at the Northside Simply For Life location to purchase a Quest bar with my Birthday money *!I love being 30 and still having birthday money* I have been heard so much about them but have yet to try one, so no time like the present! I purchased a cookies and cream and also a cookie dough one and hey with 1g of sugar,  21g of protein and very little carbs I’m in!  I also was intrigued by PB2, as I’ve also been hearing lots about it! PB2 is a powdered peanut butter that you would add to Greek yogurt (or muffins, shakes, anything really) to have the taste of PB without the calories (I’ve been warned it is not to replace PB and its healthy fat, but good for flavour of PB when you don’t need the calories or the added fats) The label boasts ” Superior quality peanuts are slow roasted then pressed to remove 85% of the fat and oil.”  SOLD! 🙂  Also grabbed some natural delicious looking granola to add into my breakfast occasionally.  And now I want to try it all, but I will refrain until tomorrow! …Come on tomorrow!



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